Things to remember before starting your new small business

By Robert Ceccarelli from Atwater CA

No matter whether it’s a small or large business, every company needs a robust business model that scales as life of the business changes. I have seen many small businesses start with a business plan based on guesses, which should not be done. Remember, when your company accountant nags you, you will definitely feel bad. Moreover, bank manager of your corporate account makes a new business plan a condition for any kind of money discussions and then, again, you rush into guessing again, isn’t it?

I would encourage every small business entrepreneur to create an effective Business model that will earn them money as their business grows and their market changes.

While developing the business model you should be succinct and clear. First write down your business plan in both sides of A4 paper, the briefer you can make it, better it will be. In the sheet you should write down these essential questions:

1)      Why you are in the business?

2)      What you want to sell?

3)      Who you want to sell to?

4)      How do you want to run the business?

In next blog posts we will be discussing about the next steps to follow.

Written by Robert Ceccarelli Atwater CA